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Our recruitment efforts have gone up 75% since using the platform. We were not reaching everyone we needed to with one single platform and this really has made a difference.

HR Director,
Aventura Health Group

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Recruit more succesfully

Automatically distribute job posts to 50+ sites

Attract Talent

Sponsor your posts through partnerships with Indeed, ZipRecruiter, and more

Encourage more candidates with 1-click apply

Automate screening with custom questions

Onboard & Manage Teams

Track onboarding progress for new hires

Safely store and manage staff data

Monitor credentials and vaccinations from a secure platform

Measure Performance

Get visibility into each of your hiring stages

Understand ROI by tracking applicant conversion rates

Review hiring and work-readiness trends at individual facilities

From intelligent job post distribution to candidate tracking, learn how you can easily hire and onboard the right healthcare staff at volume.

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Engage Applicants

Connect with candidates through unlimited texts and emails

Easily schedule interviews through your integrated calendar

Create notes & tasks for efficient team collaboration

Easily connect with the right healthcare staff using Apploi's end-to-end healthcare hiring platform.

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